Bangla Bazar Asian Grocery
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Welcome to Bangla Bazar, we are your local one-stop shop for all your Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Somalian, Nazarian, African, Middle Eastern and American grocery needs. We carry 100% Zabihah Halal (حلال) meat slaughtered under Islamic sharia law. We carry imported fish such as Aire (আইড়), Boal (বোয়াল), Koi (কৈ), Chitol (চিতল), Bai-la (বাইলা),Mrigel (মৃগেল), Katol (কাতল) ,Hilsa (ইলিশ) and many others imported fresh water and salt water fish. We have a large selection of imported food and vegetables, cookies, snacks, spices, juice, canned food, basmati rice and much more.

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5727 Evers Road, San Antonio, TX 78238