Kabul Restaurant
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Average bill $ 500
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Kabul Restaurant New York, established in 1990, is our third restaurant of its kind in the States founded by my family from the city of Kabul, Afghanistan. Our New York Long Island location is the most authentic of the three. Its decorative pieces were carefully brought into the states from Afghanistan setting a similar theme from our restaurant in which was operated in Kabul pre Soviet invasion. The atmosphere we produce for our patrons is one of which would be produced in our homes, invitingly warm and unforgettable. We welcome and host to all as we would to loved ones and friends. Needless to say that after almost two decades in operations, many of our patrons are now close friends and many are alike family dubbing our little restaurant as their second home.

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1153 East Jericho Turnpike, Huntington, NY 11743-5436