North Raleigh Masjid
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The North Raleigh Masjid was established in 2006. The current rented location was an office space which was converted to a prayer hall by demolishing walls and other structures. Since the Masjid has opened, there has been a boost of people attending the Masjid over the past three years. We have since started having two Friday Prayer shifts due to the overcrowding. North Raleigh Masjid openly welcomes Muslims of all religious affiliations, as its adherents come from all over the world. Arabic and English are the primary languages used in worship. In addition to the five daily and Friday prayers, Quran classes for children, weekly Halaqas and community events are part of regular activities. Also, during Ramadan there is Taraweeh prayer and a community Iftaar.

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8480 Garvey Drive, Raleigh, NC 27616