Religious organization "Sunnah"
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The main aim of the Organization "Milost" is to unite the efforts of members of public organizations, which are aimed at the satisfaction and protection of the legal, social, economic, creative, spiritual and other interests of its members, promoting the expansion of the culture of active recreation, and creating conditions for harmonious development of the members of the social organization. The public task of the organization is to promote the revival, development, promotion and study of Islamic culture and other peoples of the world.Activities of the organization: - Organizes and participates in public events; - Organizes and conducts competitions in traditional applied sports peoples of the world; - Cooperating with the bodies of state power and administration, as well as with other Ukrainian and foreign non-governmental organizations to achieve their goals and objectives; - Conducts activities to study Arabic culture, Islamic religion, traditions and language; - In accordance with the legislation carries out activities to disseminate knowledge about Islamic history and religion; - In accordance with legislation facilitates printing and distribution of books and literature in all languages ​​of the world; - Provides assistance to the poor; - Provides assistance to needy people and orphans; - Invites representatives of other public organizations, representatives of religious organizations from other cities of Ukraine and countries of the world to work together in the Organization.

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