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Популярные блогеры
Мухамеджан Тазабек
Подписчиков 1800000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh

Заслуженный деятель Республики Казахстан

Мишиева Залина
Подписчиков 1600000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

I love the food of all peoples. Cook whatever you like ,often come up with myself

Маргулан Сейсембай
Подписчиков 1500000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Russian

Основатель образовательной платформы Margulan.info Предприниматель.

Подписчиков 853000 Страна United Kingdom Язык English

The British beauty, travel and lifestyle blogger.

Все блогеры
Диана Омарова
Подписчиков 691000 Страна Russia Язык Russian


Омар Алибутаев
Подписчиков 662000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Actor of the project "Mountaineers From Mind".

Подписчиков 569000 Страна United Kingdom Язык English

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Nura Afia
Подписчиков 566000 Страна Morocco Язык English

Beauty Vlogger •Pro Artist

Нуртас Адамбай
Подписчиков 558000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Russian

Актёр, шоумен, режиссёр, продюсер и сценарист.

Подписчиков 492000 Страна United Kingdom Язык English

Lifestyle blogger. Designer

Halima Aden
Подписчиков 490000 Страна USA Язык English

American model

Muhamedjan Tazabek
Подписчиков 482000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh

"ASYL Arna", the General Director of broadcasting company, honored worker of RK. Candidate of psychological Sciences, PhD. Poet-improviser.

Подписчиков 463000 Страна United Kingdom Язык English


Подписчиков 461000 Страна Russia Язык Russian


Fly With Haifa
Подписчиков 434000 Страна United Arab Emirates Язык Arab

A girl from the Middle East who loves to travel, talk to people, and discover the world in her own way. Traveling and cross culture relations is my passion! I believe there are no limits to dreams. And to take that theory into test I decided to quit my job and follow my dreams. Like many of you traveling the world is one of them! :) Follow my journey and support me by subscribing, watching, and sharing the videos if you liked them! Dare to Dream. Haifa

Ильдар Иразиев
Подписчиков 404000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

The head of the humorous project "Mountaineers From Mind" . The Director of the charity Fund "Pure heart" . Assistant Deputy of state Duma Rizvan Kurbanov

Мансур Шангареев
Подписчиков 389000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Journalist, blogger, writer, weekdays children's father , life men's eyes

Ислам Махачев
Подписчиков 352000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

The Russian athlete, the professional fighter of the mixed style, the champion of Russia and the world combat Sambo.

Ali Official
Подписчиков 319000 Страна United Kingdom Язык English

Comedian & Content Creator - 65+ million views 🎥 Worked w/ Warner Bros, BBC & Channel 4

Айдан Мамедова
Подписчиков 242000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

This channel will be of interest not only to Muslim women but to all those who are interested: "whether there is life in the hijab?".Here will be published and what I'm going to tell You? -situation of the life, revelations Muslim women-interesting links-tips for Muslim women-Muslim fashion-master classes by Muslim women-ideas for Hand made (hijab, Muslim dress)-the psychology of Muslim gender relations in General Islamov anything one way or another have to face the average Muslim living in Russia.

Азам Ходжаев
Подписчиков 238000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Talk about cryptocurrencies. Mining

Куаныш Шонбай
Подписчиков 238000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh

Клинический психолог

Сырымбек Тау
Подписчиков 233000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh


Подписчиков 229000 Страна France Язык French


Асхат Абу Мухаммад
Подписчиков 225000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh


Подписчиков 225000 Страна United Kingdom Язык English

Founder of Chinutay&Co.

Ali Almeshaal
Подписчиков 219000 Страна Saudi Arabia Язык Arab

I'm a Saudi citizen studying media in the US. I make videos on a variety of topics: my life in the States, world travel, and comparisons of different cultures. I hope that my channel positively influences others, and enables those unable to travel to get at least a small glimpse of the world!

Даурен Айдаркулов
Подписчиков 206000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Russian


Аяука Жорабаева
Подписчиков 196000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh

Mother of 2 sons

Подписчиков 183000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Вовлечение в Чувственность, юный инвестор

Подписчиков 179000 Страна USA Язык English


Салихат Касумова
Подписчиков 165000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Salihat Kasumov: 22

Marjan Amirtay
Подписчиков 162000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh

Marjan Amirtay

Мадина-Хаджи Багатаева
Подписчиков 161000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

PRESENTER/PHOTOGRAPHER AND just a wonderful person! Photography, videography

Заира Джаватханова
Подписчиков 156000 Страна Russia Язык Russian


Подписчиков 155000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

A blog about clothing modern Muslim women

Подписчиков 155000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Cooking is just. Prepare going to be . Delicious recipes, live chat and a great mood

Джаннат Мингазова
Подписчиков 153000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Reviewer / Halal / Travel

Руслан Берденов
Подписчиков 144000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Russian

Депутат Мажилиса Парламента Республики Казахстан.

Bisultanova Ilona
Подписчиков 139000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Fashion Designer

Инна Даурова
Подписчиков 135501 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Dubai . Hult

Марьям Гайрбекова
Подписчиков 115000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

On my page you will find recipes of delicious dishes

Хадиджа Арапханова
Подписчиков 111000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Russian Fashion Brand

Подписчиков 110000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Promotion, Consulting, Sales ⠀ conference Organizer Business coach Company Reconsult

Goryanka Mariyam
Подписчиков 109000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Makeup Artist Team Maliki Connaway

Hijab Blogger
Подписчиков 105000 Страна Turkey Язык Turkish

Blogger | Styling . Reklam

Подписчиков 99100 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Book blogger

Fatima Abdulaeva
Подписчиков 98800 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Mother, cosmetologist, hijama, personal notes, tips

Молодой поэт Орамалдағы
Подписчиков 97100 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh

Writes poetry

Маник Исрафилова
Подписчиков 97000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Manik Israfilov

Подписчиков 93400 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Themes for female

Кәмшат Бекжігітова
Подписчиков 92400 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh

International PROFESSIONAL COACH, author of 👍🏻

Аслаханов Шамиль
Подписчиков 85000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Up an individual program of nutrition and workouts.

Амина Шабанова
Подписчиков 79000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Notes active Muslim women. About Islam, about family, about life, about business. The head of the company IRADA

Асхат Нурмашев
Подписчиков 71900 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Russian

Основатель благотворительного фонда Asar-Ume.

Подписчиков 66400 Страна Russia Язык Russian


AРУ САҒИ. Астана
Подписчиков 65600 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh

The author of the marathon "INSTAVID"

Татар Малай
Подписчиков 65000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

The first Tatar blogger

Nurilla Akbergen
Подписчиков 64400 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh


Подписчиков 62500 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Feminine clothing. Modest clothing for women

Гузель Габдрахимова
Подписчиков 56000 Страна Russia Язык Russian


Irsana Magomadova
Подписчиков 46000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Teach: to understand and accept yourself, develop your personality, to achieve success

Fitness Mama
Подписчиков 40500 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Here the life of a Muslim coach with the preservation of the boundaries of personal, workout, diet , beauty and Motherhood

Balzhan Bahytzhan
Подписчиков 40000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh

Married👨👩👧👦 Profile only for FEMALE❤

Подписчиков 35000 Страна Turkey Язык Russian

I'm not a blogger - I just live

Halal Girl About Town
Подписчиков 34000 Страна United Kingdom Язык English

Queen of Halal Food, Travel, Life

Подписчиков 32500 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Dentist. Moscow the Territory of smiles. Therapy. Orthopedics. Surgery. Orthodontics. The consultation is free

Assema Kalzhigit
Подписчиков 32000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Russian

👑Khadijah • 🍩Aisha • 🐣Hadia

Подписчиков 29600 Страна Russia Язык Russian

D a s h a

Подписчиков 28600 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Live in Tangier. Morocco without stereotypes. Beyond the guidebook

Резеда Сулейманова
Подписчиков 28000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

The founder of the brand Rezeda Suleyman. Mental notes about Islam

Подписчиков 26000 Страна United Kingdom Язык English

Storyteller, Journalist

Алия Сабр
Подписчиков 26000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

A message of love and peace

Elmira Ismanova
Подписчиков 24600 Страна Russia Язык Russian

"ISMANOVA" co-founder

Подписчиков 24000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh

ORMULUM - TAJIK❤TURKEY! 🚗 There is a delivery in Kazakhstan

Asima Rahmetullah
Подписчиков 23700 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh


Давлет Сулейманов
Подписчиков 23000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Owner RezedaSuleyman.com

Лейла Наталья Бахадори
Подписчиков 21800 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Journalist (This Cavistes .) Writer (16 books in major bookstore Biblio-Globus) Teach children and adults creative writing speech

Азат Назмутдинов
Подписчиков 21300 Страна Russia Язык Russian

in the Entrepreneur. The founder of a network of cafe "Kystybyi tatar-food"

Лейсан Бариева
Подписчиков 20800 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Entrepreneur, Business blogger My themes: targets and their achievement, woman business, time management women

Марфуға Шапиян. Астана
Подписчиков 19800 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh


Подписчиков 19400 Страна Russia Язык Russian

A mother of three. Journalist

Olga Khabueva
Подписчиков 19100 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Olga Khabueva

Подписчиков 17800 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Russian

Нурсултан Зайкенов. Блогер

Нармин Ичаева
Подписчиков 17000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Co-founder of WANDI Group

Подписчиков 17000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

About the family,pictures and charm

🏆Лучший исламский блогер
Подписчиков 16900 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Russian

Best Islamic blogger 👼🏻 Miracle photographer @karakoz.kz 💞 Love, learn and share with you: 👘 style 💖 beauty in everything 😍 relationship with each other and not only

Азиза Ракитская
Подписчиков 16000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Traveler-Muslim. The blog shares the secrets of budget ways to organize a trip, find air tickets, book accommodation, to make the visa and plan the trip.

Амирова Дина
Подписчиков 15000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Entrepreneur. The founder of the project Lediana. Head lediana_studio. Sincere Photobook

Подписчиков 14000 Страна United Kingdom Язык English

Photography, travel, modest fashion, medicine

Подписчиков 12800 Страна Russia Язык Russian

My diary of memories. Write posts for Insta - pages. Sew toys, make letters

Фатима Шайдуллина
Подписчиков 11900 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Руководитель @hakimacenter Женское здоровье, доула, подготовка к родам, нутрициолог #хакима_пп Хаджа

Хава Шайдуллина
Подписчиков 11000 Страна Russia Язык Russian


Aynur Salimova
Подписчиков 10660 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Nothing belongs to you in this world. Even the air that you inhale, you should exhale.

Дилбар Закирова
Подписчиков 10400 Страна Russia Язык Russian

The Activist Of The Union Of Muslim Youth. Co-owner of the Studio "Lady Di"

Блог Русского Мусульманина
Подписчиков 2256 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Why Muslims do not shave their beards? Why Muslim women wear the hijab? Why do Muslims have many wives? Why Russian can be also a Muslim? And many other interesting things - all in this blog:) the Channel is not the goal of missionary activity and not an organization which puts before itself such purpose, the channel is purely the source of entertainment content.

Мерей Жолшы
Подписчиков 0 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh


Подписчиков 1500000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Recipes from around the World

Подписчиков 701000 Страна Kazakhstan Язык Kazakh

Благотворительная организация

Подписчиков 668000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Matchmaking. Marriage. The education of children. Marital duties. Family law. Women's issues

Дневник Мусульманки
Подписчиков 643072 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Diary Of A Muslim

Подписчиков 534000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Better home recipes from around the world

Подписчиков 531000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

The secret of success in cooking, not only taste, but also the cooking process

Подписчиков 462000 Страна Russia Язык Russian


Подписчиков 426000 Страна United Kingdom Язык English


Ислам [ islam ] религия мира
Подписчиков 307000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Islam is a religion of peace

Тут Все Про Ислам!!!
Подписчиков 276000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

World Russian-speaking Islamic group

Подписчиков 244000 Страна Russia Язык Russian


Каллиграфия Покраса Лампаса
Подписчиков 200000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

New Visual Culture

Ислам религия МИРА И ДОБРА
Подписчиков 186000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Ислам религия мира и добра.

Подписчиков 162000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Everything about Islam. Creed, Analytics, News

Сад изящных слов
Подписчиков 156000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Garden of fine words

Подписчиков 119000 Страна Russia Язык Russian


Ислам | Напоминание Верующим
Подписчиков 110000 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Islam | Reminder To The Believers

Arab Pictures
Подписчиков 73902 Страна Russia Язык Russian

Community with a unique collection of photographs. Plunge into the world of the East along with Arab Pictures.

Подписчиков 25300 Страна Turkey Язык Russian

The guide Istanbul, visit Istanbul, Shopping in Istanbul

Muslim Life
Подписчиков 1349 Страна Russia Язык Russian

The best lifestyle - Islam.

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