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Islamic channels

With a focus on quality production, and through showcasing the best of British and the best of Muslim, the aim of the channel is to make British Muslims feel confidently Muslim and comfortably British.
IQRA TV (IQRA Bangla) (including Iqra bangla) is owned and run by Al-Khair Foundation under the supervision of Imam Qasim. Mainly in English but also runs some Bangali and Urdu programming. Has strong links with PEACE TV and recently hosted the Al-Khair Peace convention jointly in UK. On Sky in the UK and can be received in Europe via Eurobird 1.
iPlus TV[10] India’s first official Islamic TV Satellite Channel registered with Ministry of Information. Broadcastingand with a valid uplinking/downlinking permission and approval and is being uplinked from Delhi to Insat 4A @83°E. iPlus TV relays high quality digital programs using latest high end technology. Interviews, talks, discussions. lectures with well known National. International Social, Political, Business, Educational, Religious, Sports. Government personalities so that the society benefits from their deep knowledge and rich experience and clarify misconceptions about Islam and Muslims promoting peace, harmony and brotherhood is an integral part of iPlus TV. For more info visit iPlus TV website
At This Channel Every one can see and download All Programs of Betht Educational TV Channel and also lectures of Ustad e Muhtram Agha Syed Jawad Naqvi. Please Subscribe this channel and see first all videos.
Islamic Cartoon - ICN (Iqra Cartoon Network is a small and up coming animation studio, that creates in three dimentions to produce one glorious vision. Our mission and foucus is to create and help others bring forth good Islamic, Family and Educational Entertainment. So please pray for us. Be part of our team members to please Allah (swt), and let our team produce good Islamic cartoon production for our kids and our next generation. Do good business with Allah (swt).
DEEN.TV is the first 24/7 Halal entertainment channel online, bringing you the best in wholesome entertainment. DEEN.TV streams the best halal entertainment daily to your computer, tablet or mobile phone! DEEN.TV airs the most popular halal music videos as well as songs that are socially conscious and morally acceptable. DEEN.TV will start out with music videos (halal, of course), but eventually will include reality shows, documentaries, comedy, and more! With your support, the channel will remain FREE for all.
We are glad to see you among our subscribers and look forward to sharing with you useful and quality content. Content creation is the work of many people, requiring a significant amount of time and money. Published on the channel associated with the other nascent projects, which should complement each other and to bring the maximum benefit. Copying (cloning) the content does not always help in our work. We hope for your understanding and please, in the future, to share our content with links, not copying (cloning) the video itself.If you see an urgent need and the obvious benefit of copying the video itself, despite our request, please adhere to the following rules:1) Make a copy (clone), not earlier than 30 days after the publication of videos on our channel
Hello, dear viewers.I – Timur Shangareev. I live in Ufa, working with the head of Information-analytical center "New Reading". Study of socio-political processes and the development of Islamic intellectual method. Muslim.This blog was made in search of a new format of communication is not a mass medium and reflects only my thoughts and imagination. Any resemblance to real characters is purely coincidental and unintentional.Here I just Express my thoughts and ideas. Your thoughts can and should be Yours. If my point of view You don't like - you will. If You want my opinion, but there is ambiguity - ask questions that I can answer. Health for all of us, peace and prosperity.
The Academy of Qur'an you can study a Holy book and Arabic language from any level. Millions of people in the world memorize the Quran. Learn and share knowledge! Using a variety of modern teaching technologies developed by the project participants will be able to learn to read Quran, to learn the grammar of the Arabic language, to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the major components of the Latest Scriptures.
Peace be with you! On our channel you will find interesting information about Islam, including the latest foreign movies translated and dubbed us with the permission авторов.MIRadio.ru Muslim Internet radio broadcasting on 2012 for Russian-speaking audiences worldwide. Listen to us in Russia and the CIS countries, Europe and America, China, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, Japan and the Pacific. The channel broadcasts around the clock and available on any computer or mobile device with Internet access.Air Myradio fill a variety of programmes: the reading of the Koran in the original, translation of the meanings of the Scriptures in Russian language, hadeeth and preaching, lessons tajwid, beautiful. and nasheeds, interviews and news, history and geography, Islamic economy and Halal industry, family psychology and education of children. Myradio: we talk about what excites modern Ummah.
By subscribing to our Channel and "featured" section, you can support us by adding.Official youtube channel of the website of the young Muslims. Our Channel, Islamic videos, nesid, short films, chats, we have been publishing. Subtitles translated from English and Arabic into Turkish subjugated the conversations of foreign teachers is offered by us.Our main channel
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