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With a focus on quality production, and through showcasing the best of British and the best of Muslim, the aim of the channel is to make British Muslims feel confidently Muslim and comfortably British.
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We are glad to see you among our subscribers and look forward to sharing with you useful and quality content. Content creation is the work of many people, requiring a significant amount of time and money. Published on the channel associated with the other nascent projects, which should complement each other and to bring the maximum benefit. Copying (cloning) the content does not always help in our work. We hope for your understanding and please, in the future, to share our content with links, not copying (cloning) the video itself.If you see an urgent need and the obvious benefit of copying the video itself, despite our request, please adhere to the following rules:1) Make a copy (clone), not earlier than 30 days after the publication of videos on our channel
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