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We are glad to see you among our subscribers and look forward to sharing with you useful and quality content. Content creation is the work of many people, requiring a significant amount of time and money. Published on the channel associated with the other nascent projects, which should complement each other and to bring the maximum benefit. Copying (cloning) the content does not always help in our work. We hope for your understanding and please, in the future, to share our content with links, not copying (cloning) the video itself.If you see an urgent need and the obvious benefit of copying the video itself, despite our request, please adhere to the following rules:1) Make a copy (clone), not earlier than 30 days after the publication of videos on our channel
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Hello, dear viewers.I – Timur Shangareev. I live in Ufa, working with the head of Information-analytical center "New Reading". Study of socio-political processes and the development of Islamic intellectual method. Muslim.This blog was made in search of a new format of communication is not a mass medium and reflects only my thoughts and imagination. Any resemblance to real characters is purely coincidental and unintentional.Here I just Express my thoughts and ideas. Your thoughts can and should be Yours. If my point of view You don't like - you will. If You want my opinion, but there is ambiguity - ask questions that I can answer. Health for all of us, peace and prosperity.
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Peace be with you! On our channel you will find interesting information about Islam, including the latest foreign movies translated and dubbed us with the permission авторов.MIRadio.ru Muslim Internet radio broadcasting on 2012 for Russian-speaking audiences worldwide. Listen to us in Russia and the CIS countries, Europe and America, China, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, Japan and the Pacific. The channel broadcasts around the clock and available on any computer or mobile device with Internet access.Air Myradio fill a variety of programmes: the reading of the Koran in the original, translation of the meanings of the Scriptures in Russian language, hadeeth and preaching, lessons tajwid, beautiful. and nasheeds, interviews and news, history and geography, Islamic economy and Halal industry, family psychology and education of children. Myradio: we talk about what excites modern Ummah.
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This channel will tell you about Islam in all its manifestations. It will guide you through the pages of its history and tells about its heroes. He will immerse you in the beauty of Islam and I will lay before you the expanse of the Qur'an and Sunnah. He will tell you about modern issues from the point of view of Islam and show you the relationship of the religion of Islam with modern science. The channel will be of interest to both Muslims and non-Muslim audience! Subscribe and charge your faith and your Iman!
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The TV channel "Our National Television" is the best television programmes in different genres, devoted to one theme - the revival of traditions, culture and spirituality of the peoples of Dagestan. Since the launch of the distinctive feature of TV channel "Our National Television" is the high moral content of television programs, the highest quality of all composite parts of the channel – transmission, content, layout. Channel NNT includes projects that broadcast in all national languages of the peoples of Dagestan. TV channel NNT cover all areas of human life, devoted to different themes: sport, work, leisure, raising children, studying Islamic Sciences, languages, art, history, everything that concerns society and is created for society. NNT also covers in detail the work carried out at the rate of BMD. Goal - the revival of culture and traditions of the peoples of Dagestan, the development of moral, Patriotic, cultural values.
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The Academy of Qur'an you can study a Holy book and Arabic language from any level. Millions of people in the world memorize the Quran. Learn and share knowledge! Using a variety of modern teaching technologies developed by the project participants will be able to learn to read Quran, to learn the grammar of the Arabic language, to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the major components of the Latest Scriptures.
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Islam Bismillah - Islamic video portal! The spread of Islam for the sake of Allah!On our channel advertising is completely absent from YouTube , you can not fear what you see or hear something not appropriate for a Muslim on our channel!Ahlu Sunnah wal-Djamaa/Manhadj as-SalyafiyaНеужели they were created by themselves (or just)? Or they are themselves the creators? (52:35)."And remind, for reminding benefits the believers" (51:55)."Whose speech is better in speech than one who calls to Allah, acts righteously and says: "Verily, I am one of the Muslims" "(41:33)"Verily, indicating good like making it. Tirmidhi 2670.
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Why Muslims do not shave their beards? Why Muslim women wear the hijab? Why do Muslims have many wives? Why Russian can be also a Muslim? And many other interesting things - all in this blog:) the Channel is not the goal of missionary activity and not an organization which puts before itself such purpose, the channel is purely the source of entertainment content
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The company "Heritage" was established to convey to people the true values of Islam, of excellent quality, which should be a true Muslim, the good morals, called for the Qur'an and Sunnah. We want to stop to shed innocent blood crying mothers, not vdavali wife, so that children do not become orphans, and to prevail peace, stability, prosperity and development. We hope that by the Will of Allah, our work will make at least a small contribution to this noble cause, Insha'allah.
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The spiritual administration of Muslims of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region (St. Petersburg Mukhtasibat) announces the launch of a unique to the Northern capital of Russia a media resource - TV-channel, covering the life of the faithful Muslims of St. Petersburg.
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