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10 mobile apps for productive Muslim
Aug. 31, 2017

1. HalalGuide (AKAGroup/HalalGuideLtd)Launched in 2012, the project HalalGuide was the first and unique travel guide in the market of Halal services in Russia and the CIS (now marked by more than 30 thousand points). Especially convenient for traveling Muslims: the application will tell (and show) based on the data of the location where the nearest mosque and prayer rooms, where they sell Halal products Halal feed and food (including special certificates application notes their presence or absence).The most interesting feature is "Ask the Imam" makes HalalGuide even more useful and convenient tool for Muslims from different cities. Here you can listen MIRadio — continuously broadcasting tool for spiritual growth, a partnership project of the "Muslim woman".Another feature of modern application service allows you to participate in the bonus program halalskidka. EN (Annex HalalBonus), to accumulate points and spend them at more than 2,000 partners in the program.For Android: https://play. google. com/store/apps/details? id=com. unatedДля iOS: https://itunes. apple. com/us/app/halal-guide-salat-qibla mosques/id533022452?mt=8

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