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10 tips for seeking happiness
Dec. 11, 2017

1. Sit a bit before dawn, asking Allah's forgiveness: "And ask forgiveness before dawn" (3:17).

2. Choose a time to reflect in solitude: "And reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth" (3:191).

3. Commune with the righteous: "Be patient with those who call on their Lord morning and evening and seek His pleasure" (18:28).

4. Remember Allah: "O you who believe! Repeatedly remember Allah" (33:41)."Remember Allah standing, sitting or lying on your side" (4:191)."Repeatedly remember Allah perhaps you may succeed" (8:45).

5. Try to make mandatory and optional prayers attentively and with humility: "Who are humble in their prayer" (23:2).

6. Fast from time to time on a hot day: "He leaves food, drinks, and passion for Me."

7. Read the Quran carefully and intently, thinking about what they read: "Do they not ponder on the Qur'an?" (47:24).

8. Give alms in secret: "So that his left-hand does not know what feeds the right."

9. Oblegchat the situation of our brothers and sisters in the faith: "Who will save the Muslim from one of the sorrows of this world, Allah will relieve one of the sorrows the day of judgment".

10. Be indifferent to worldly goods, and use them moderately:"And the hereafter is better and more durable" (88:17)."We created man to test" (90:4).

When Imam Ahmad was asked: "When will we find relief?", he said: "When you enter through the gates of Paradise."

In the earthly life of leisure and never will be. It — only anxiety, worries, burdens, sickness, troubles, sorrows, sadness and trials.

Masruk known scholar from among our righteous predecessors used to fall asleep in prostration. He said: "It would be nice if you allowed yourself a little rest." He said, "just in time for the vacation I want."

People who rest in this world due to the abandonment of mandatory, in fact, closer to the punishment.

a True recreation — performing good deeds and time use that brings a person closer to God.

the Unbelievers wish to receive their share of benefits and vacation here. In this world. So they say:

"our Lord! Zoom in on our share before the Day of reckoning" (38:16). "Verily, these love the present life" (76:27).And they don't think about tomorrow, about the future. Therefore they lose today and tomorrow, and labor, and its fruits, and the beginning and the end.

such is life. A strange mix of blessings and trials of wealth and poverty, happiness, and hardship."Then they are returned to Allah, their True Patron. He alone decides, and He's The fastest in the calculation" (6:62).

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