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10 tips for a productive Muslim
Jan. 8, 2018

10 tips on how to become a productive Muslim who uses all the resources available to live the best life and achieve the highest position in Paradise.

1) Purify the intention. Starting with a sincere intention for the sake of Allah, we will be able to achieve a reward and a barrack in our business.

2) Be proactive. Spend your energy only on those areas that will help you achieve your goals in life.

3) Demand knowledge, and then share it with your children, families and environment.
4) Plan your time effectively. One of the secrets of productivity in the absence of a waste of time. Make an action plan from the evening. And start acting on it as you wake up. You will see how the day passes clearly and productively.

5) Meditate. Regularly give time to look at yourself from outside, to think about where you are now. Then you will be able to grow, develop and correct many moments both in yourself and in the surrounding situation of Insha Allah.

 6) Achieve quality, not quantity. It is better if you achieve mastery in two areas (for example, Tajwid and raising children) than if you squander your efforts on tasks in too many areas.

7) Spend the full. To do this, you need to focus your attention and direct your efforts to exactly what you are doing at the moment. Try not to be distracted and finish the work you have begun.

8) Be resourceful. Use online resources to help you manage your time, gain new knowledge and acquire new skills. The network has a lot of audio books that you can listen without being distracted from other things

9) Try to benefit the Ummah, in any, even small business. "The best of people are those who benefit others." (Bukhari) Help Muslims, study religion and talk about it at every opportunity. How can you be silent knowing the truth? "There is no compulsion in religion. The straight path has already distinguished itself from error "(Sura al-Bakar, 256 Ayat). "Whom Allah guides in a straight path, no one will deceive, and whoever Allah deceives, no one will guide him on the straight path" (Surah Az-Zumar, verse 23). Become the one through whom people will accept the truth by Allah's permission.

10) Trust in Allah in the end of your affairs. Always do dua, that He will grant you the desire to receive knowledge and success in this life and in eternal life. He brought it closer to that which draws nearer to Him and pushes it away from what is distant from Him.

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