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6 Rules Of A Successful Business In Islam
Nov. 9, 2017

Rule # 1. Make your business the manifestation of his Iman.As Muslims, in this context, it is important to develop the perception that success in the worldly life and success in Akhirah is continuously connected. In Islam there is no conflict between material and spiritual factors, the desire for material is not considered as something reprehensible, yet it can be achieved through permissible means.Halal earnings should be the manifestation of man's faith, the desire to fill a religious duty lawful manner. Any decision you make must be coordinated with the Qur'an and Sunnah.. In this case, your business will not be anything shady haramnogo.Rule # 2. Obligations to Allah always comes first.If you want real success, you need always first to fill his duties before God. Business and other things going on should be an obstacle to religious duties. This means that you should not postpone the prayer, not attending Friday sermons, etc., because only Allah gives sustenance and prosperity, and does not worship Him would be a greater degree of ingratitude.If God is for you in the first place, then everything else will succeed, to bring Barakat and to be blessed.Rule # 3. Use of your time wisely.Allah most high has given each of us the same amount of hours in a day. But someone seems to use them much more productively. How is this possible?• Appreciate your time. • Plan ahead.• Set priorities.• Focus on one task.• Relax in time.Rule # 4. Set high standards.If you aspire to be a successful businessman, set high standards for themselves, for their goods and for their employees. You have to set high standards and meet them.Rule # 5. Think positive thoughts.This point is especially important in business. In business and in business in General, not always all goes smoothly as we would like. Troubles and problems. Stay positive, do not despair and do not worry. Aim at solution of problems, gain experience, and move on with new skills and knowledge further. Remember that what happened happened by the will of Allah, it was your Rizq, and take it as prescribed by the Almighty.Rule # 6. Work hard, trust in Allah.Improve your skills, learn from mistakes, do your efforts to succeed, but rely solely on Allah, only He Is the Giver, and the Giver. On the road to success stay humble and grateful for the opportunities, the mind and abilities that God has given you. Take any outcome that is revealed to you by Allah.

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