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Tell the children!
Feb. 4, 2018

SPEAK TO CHILDREN 1. You are very important to me. Let them know that dirty dishes and e-mail messages can wait. They need to know what's important to you. 2. I missed you. Even if you part for only 20 minutes, greet them with hugs. Let them feel how much you strive to be closer to them. 3. It was wrong. Tell them when they made a mistake. Help them to do the right thing, direct. And remind them that you love them regardless of their mistakes. 4. You did everything right. If they did the right thing, you should show that be proud of them. If you support them with your approval, they will always do it without neglect and effort. 5. You're special. Show them how amazingly different and perfect they are. Show them the characteristics of their and your characters, teach them to determine the characters of others. These are very useful skills for which they will say "thank you" in the future. 6. Crying is normal. Encourage your children not to hide their feelings. People cry when they are sad, hurt, lonely, and sometimes even when they are happy. Let them share their emotions. 7. Wipe off the tears. Sometimes they need to know that you need to wipe away the tears and move on. "If you cry, because the sun has left your life, hurry up wiping them, otherwise they will prevent you from seeing the stars." Explain to them this simple truth. 8. Can you help me? It is important that your children see you as a person who has a lot of cares and troubles about close people. Let them see your vulnerability. Let them learn to offer and help. 9. Do you need help? Always ask before you help. Independence is born in the search for a solution to the problem. If the kid can not cope, cheer him up, and show how right. 10. Yes. At least once a day, when they ask you to do something with them, say "yes" without hesitation. 11. None. They should know that you do not agree with them in some way. It should not be tired or stubborn "no." Be sure to explain why you decided this way. 12. You're doing fine. Even if the child has not coped with his task, but tried, you should support him. Of small victories, a great success is built, of small disappointments, despair. Motivate them to be successful. 13. Be kind to the world around you. Remind them, again and again and again, that good things happen to good people. Yes, this world is cruel, but people who treat everything with kindness and love experience troubles much easier. Make their future easier. 14. I'm sorry. Recognize when you are wrong, and apologize. You set a good example, showing that you need to give in when necessary. 15. Tell me more. Ask questions, look them in the eyes and really, really try to understand them. 16. I love you. Say it out loud every day. They should know that your love is unconditional, irreplaceable and forever!

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