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Halal food for Kazan children
Aug. 31, 2017

The list of schools receiving products "Halal":Vakhitovsky district: No. 80, l-131, international school Moscow district: g-12, g-2,g-17, g-94, 65, TTL, TTL, a branch of Novo - Savinovskiy district: g-155, No. 113, 165, LICEJJ-internat 7 Volga: g-18, g-19,g-16, l-83, No. 68,35, international school of the Soviet district: No. 171, 108,149,175,11, school Vysokogorsky district of Kirovskiy district: g-4,g-3,g-15 Aircraft location: No. 62 List of kindergartens receiving products "Halal" :Vakhitovsky: No. 188,273,273 branch of 24.89 Moscow: №105,355,126,126 branch,184,291,372,339, 295,294,d/s with g-2, Novo-Savinovskiy: No. 110,18,208,248,28,302, 315,337,360,370,87,93,99 Volga: No. 4,32,396,358,130,163,307,71,379, solar, d/C,79 Soviet branch: No. 352,100,54,60,336,67.399,166,38,377, 112,390,415,103,113,109,377 branch,211,148,124,167,109,272, 398,261,394,330,402,64,67 branch,330 Kirov branch: No. 252,178,321,62,125 Aircraft: No. 341, 34 branch, 172,348 branch

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