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Name Of Different Prayer Times In Different Languages
Nov. 8, 2017

HalalGuide users practically speak languages ​​from all over the world, and they all have one thing in common: they visit HalalGuide website for daily, accurate prayers times from all over the globe. Below are names of prayer in different languages: Leave your comments below if you would like to add a new language or correct any that are not accurate. • In Russian: utrenniy, poludennyi, posleobedennyi, zakatnyi, nochnoi. • In Arabic: Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha • In Tatar: Irtung, өilә, ikende, ahsham, yastү • In English: fajr (morning ), dhuhr (midday), asr (afternoon), maghrib (sunset), isha'a (night) • In Kazakh: bamdat (taң), besin, екінті, ақшам, кұптан • In Uzbek: тонг, пешин, аср , shom, hufton • In German: Morgendaemmerung, Mittag, Nachmittag, Abend, Nacht • In Kyrgyz: imsak, begesh, asr, sham, kottan • In Azerbaijani: fәcr, zöhr, ikindi, axşam, işa • In Polish : fadżr, zuhr, asr, maghrib, isza • In Turkish: imsâk, öğle, ikindi, axşam, yatsı • In Chechen: 1yuran, delk, malkhbuz , марр1иж, пхуьйран • In Turkmen: agyz wagt, öýlen, ikindi, agşam, ýassy хуфтон

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