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A selection of Islamic terms in explanation
Nov. 7, 2017

🔹 Allahu Akbar - Allah is Big!🔹 Vallahi - I Swear By Allah!🔹 In Sha Allah - If Allah wills.🔹 Asalamu Alaikum - Peace be with you. Greeting.🔹 VA laikum Assalam - And you the world. Return greeting.🔹 Jasaka to Allaah. Yes I will reward you Allah the good.🔹 Jasaka to Allaah. - thank you (male).🔹 Jazaki to Allaah. - thanks (to a woman).🔹 Jazakum to Allaah. - thank you (to multiple people).🔹 Jazakum to Allaah. - thank you (two people).🔹 Vegesack(A/AND/MIND/MIND) to Allah. - Please (say after thank you)🔹 VA of Yaki - short form (Vegesack(A/AND/MIND/MIND) to Allah.)🔹 Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim With the name (in the name) of Allah, the beneficent, the Merciful (all that a Muslim did, he always starts with these words).🔹 Bismillah - "in the name of Allah".🔹 MA Sha Allah - "If you want Allah" from the evil eye, is also used in the expression of joy ( "what a pretty child, Mashallah!")🔹 Subhana llah - a shout of exclamation, surprise. It means "Allah is above any shortcomings."🔹 Hasbuna llah, "Allah is sufficient for us".🔹 Maaza Allaah is saying to Allah he defended, "may Allah protect".🔹 Autobi llah - "I seek refuge in Allah."🔹 Alamo lillah "praise Allah!". When talking about success. And when you answer the questions, "how", "how is your health".🔹 Astagfirullah - "forgive me, Allah!"🔹 Audhu Billah - "don't let Allah..", i.e. "protecting Allah from this!".🔹 Alhamdulillah - if he sneezed.🔹 Argamakova to say to someone who sneezed.🔹 EDICOM Allaah - the answer to Argamakova.🔹 Radiallahu Ankh - Yes Allah be pleased with him.🔹 Yarhamuk llah - "God have mercy on you, Allah".🔹 Iodically - "let Allah show You the right way!".🔹 Yamikumo llah WA yuslihu balakum - "let Allah show You the right path and lead It in all Your deeds!".🔹 Sally the llah alayhi WA alihi WA sallam - "may Allah bless Muhammad and his family". (say at the mention of the Prophet Muhammad).🔹 La illaha illa llah - there is No God but Allah!🔹 Allah is Alim - Allah knows best (Allah knows best).

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