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Город Blackburn

Blackburn is a town in Lancashire, England. Located in the midst of the East Lancashire Hills, some areas of the town are characterized by steep slopes. The town center in a plain of 91–110 m above sea level surrounded by hills. The Revidge to the north can be reached via a steep climb up Montague Street and Dukes Brow to reach a peak of 218 meters above sea level. You can now use our Halal Guide app or locate any of halal restaurants in Blackburn, takeaways, mosques etc.

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Вопрос имаму

Salam Alaikum! I am a new converted Muslim. I just moved to California with my husband from Virginia where I was born and spent my life. I know there are certain expectations of how many rakkah to do during prayer when traveling and my husband told me if you are traveling that there is a different amount you are to do. Do I qualify to do this since I am not at home? I am a beginner just learning al Fatiha. Also, what can I say instead of the whole verse of al fatiha to fulfill my prayer I know some lines but not all of it I want...


I was curious if Carmine (red insect). Was haraam.

Халяль и харам

Good afternoon, imam Mursalin,I am writing to hear your opinion regarding converting (reverting) to Islam. I have been thinking about making this step for a few months, but always felt like I didn't know enough or that I would find it hard to abide by all the rules. Now when Ramadan is approaching I feel especially worried about converting, as I'm not sure I'll be able to hold the fast as every Muslim should. Could you please give me your opinion on that, particularly on how new inexperienced Muslims should approach Ramadan?Thank you,

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