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Jamia Musallah

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О заведении

Jamia Musallah was founded in the year 2008 by a small group of Muslim families, who had the wisdom and love for Islam and had the insight that the future lies in getting together and developing cooperation, love and affection between different members of the community. This musallah can accommodate approximately 100 brothers and 50 sisters. In all the financial hurdle, the small community appointed an Imam to lead five times prayer and Jummah prayer. Spent their saving to clean the area to accommodate 100 brothers and 50 sisters. By the grace of almighty now we are able to offer prayers. Since its opening, the Masjid has been offering various services to the Muslim community. Some of these services are: Five (5) Congregational Salahs (Jammah) every day, seven days a week. Brothers and Sisters gather here to worship Allah (SWT); Congregational Friday Sermons (Ju'mmah); Daily Iftar and Taraweeah prayer during the month of Ramadan; Islamic education on: Tajweed Al-Quran.

Мы не несем ответственности за услуги, реализуемые организациями, находящимися у нас в базе. Просьба дополнительно уточнять у лиц, предоставляющих продукцию халяль. (6689)