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Harlow Islamic Centre

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О заведении

Harlow is a small town outside of the M25 to the north-east of Greater London. It is situated along the M11 between Cambridge and London, Harlow is not very far from Stansted Airport and is approx 20 miles north of Walthamstow. Originally under the name of HEMCA (Harlow and Essex Muslim Cultural Association), a Masjid was setup 18 years ago by a group of brothers who recognised the need for a single place of worship, when the Muslim community grew in numbers. We are now a thriving community 2000-strong who require an organised approach to address the needs of the growing community. Our mission is to provide a host of services, to cater for the needs of the local muslim community and provide a platform for dialogue with the wider community by demonstrating the beauty of Islam. Located above the hill next to the school.

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