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Islamic Cultural Center

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Capacity None person
Madrasah Not available
Jummah Do not spend
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Imam None
Library Not available
Direction Not known
Parking space Not available

This student-dominated masjid, cultural center and school was established just north of the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe in 1984. Built on land once occupied by deserted and dilapidated houses, the distinctive architecture and ornamentation of the masjid is modeled after the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Before the community was able to raise the donations necessary to build the center, Tempe Muslims would gather in local homes or travel to Phoenix masjids for Friday prayers. The masjid includes a minaret and golden dome, attached to an eight-sided structure embellished with tilework depicting verses from the Qur'an executed in calligraphy. Racks to store shoes and facilities for ablutions are downstairs, while the main prayer hall is up a flight of stairs. Across a courtyard from the masjid is the Islamic School, consisting of sixteen classrooms and offices.

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