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Ассаламуалейкум! Скажите пжл. Я этнический мусульманин, с 13 лет знал о существовании Аллаха. В 18 лет только узнал о намазе и посте. Начал с 18 лет читать намаз и держать пост. Скажите пжл, мне надо восполнять разницу в намазе и посте между моими 13 и 18 годами? Спасибо Намаз Имам Abu Ali al Ashari Salam Alaikum! I am a new converted Muslim. I just moved to California with my husband from Virginia where I was born and spent my life. I know there are certain expectations of how many rakkah to do during prayer when traveling and my husband told me if you are traveling that there is a different amount you are to do. Do I qualify to do this since I am not at home? I am a beginner just learning al Fatiha. Also, what can I say instead of the whole verse of al fatiha to fulfill my prayer I know some lines but not all of it I want... Намаз Имам Abu Ali al Ashari I was curious if Carmine (red insect). Was haraam. Халяль и харам Имам Abu Ali al Ashari