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Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir
Languages: English, Arabic
Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir
Languages: English, Arabic
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Sheikh Babikir completed his studies of traditional Islamic Sciences under many great Scholars and Sheikhs of Africa and the Middle East. He studied, through authentic chains of transmission, the sciences of Tafsir (exegesis), Aqida (theology), Hadith (prophetic tradition), Seerah (the life and way the Prophet ﷺ), Maliki Fiqh (jurisprudence), Ta’wil-ahadith (dream interpretation) and Tasawwuf (sufism). As a young man, he was initiated into the Sammaniya tariqa (sufi order) and later, he was granted the most honourable Ijaza (authorisation) of becoming a spiritual guide by the grand-sage Sheikh al-Fatih Qaribullah (رحمه الله). He went on to receive Ijazas from other spiritual luminaries such as Sheikh Salih al-Jaʿfari (رحمه الله), Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani (رحمه الله) and Sheikh Muhammad ibn `Alawi al-Maliki (رحمه الله). A sign of his rare prestige is the Ijaza he has received from many renowned scholars in Dalial al-Khayrat, a book of Remembrance of Blessings upon the Chosen Prophet ﷺ.

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