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Abu Ali al Ashari
Languages: Русский, English, Arabic
Abu Ali al Ashari
Languages: Русский, English, Arabic
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Born in 1983 in Murmansk region, spent his childhood in Dagestan, до2013 years he lived in Moscow. Alaric, hanafit. The Arabic language began to study as a student at the Academy. Plekhanov. About two years studying the language of vypusknika Damascus University, and then began to read books podlaskim Sciences with several graduates of the Dagestan madrasas Islamic institutions. Learned from sheikhs from different countries: Lebanon,Jordan, Morocco etc. In 2013 – 2017 of South Africa was studied. First in Dar al-IFTA al-Mahmudia(Durban) from the mufti Ibrahim Desai and mufti Hussein Kadodia. Zakoncila their leadership, takhassus (specialization) IFTA, resulting Cegetel mufti of the Hanafi madhab, having the right of self-davithet according to this madhhab. Also studied at mufti Desai hadisuwarno collections of al-Bukhari and at-Tirmidhi, and got them Ijaz. From multihousing got Ejaz on "Sabat Ibn âbidîn" (collection Ejaz on selknam, which was Ijaz Imam Ibn âbidîn).Got Ijaz from mufti Sheikh Fazlurrahman al-Аꞌзами, canicapilla muhaddis of Habiburrahman al-Аꞌзами, main sporicides ("Avail as-ambulia").Then moved to Johannesburg to undergo two years of karatehirota on Sciences of hadith at Dar al-Uloom Benoni under rukovodstvuyutsya Muhammad Ishaq Ban, one of the closest disciples of shahmohammadi Away, and mufti Sabir cleaned his teeth.

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