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Imam Mursalin Miah
Languages: English
Holborn Muslim Community Association (Baldwin Gardens, Camden)
33 Brookes Court, Baldwin Gardens, London, Greater London
Imam Mursalin Miah
Languages: English
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Imam Mursalin completed full memorisation of the Glorious Qur’an at Darul Uloom Al Jamiah Al Islamiyya, Bolton, at the tender age of 16. He then went on to study in Madinatul-Uloom Al-Islamiya, Kidderminster, (UK) where he obtained a BA (Hons) Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence Aalimiyyah Course and Ijazah in multiple books of Ahadith including the Famous six.He led Taraweeh (special prayers in Ramadan) and lectured widely in North America for nearly a decade. He served as a Director and imam in Canada for two years in Masjid Ayesha and then joined HMCWA in 2014.

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