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Zainabia Community Center

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О заведении

The Zainabia Community Center of Indianapolis began in 1990, where about 10 families in the area decided to form a group given its common interests and values. They would gather in each other's homes on a fairly regular basis every week for religious ceremonies. Over the years, as word spread, our number rapidly increased. We became more organized and formed Momin, Inc. and, on July 15th 1996, we registered with the State of Indiana as a non-profit organization. Our aim was to build an Islamic community center. In November of 1999, Momin Inc, bought a small townhome and used this as its community center, naming it Zainabia Community Center. We are now in the larger, newly constructed center on W. 56th St. We gather regularly for du'a Kumayl on a weekly basis, Sunday school, and daily during the last 10-12 days of Ramadan, Muharram, and every weekend throughout Safar, and other major religous holidays such as Eid.

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