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Muslim Welfare House

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О заведении

The Muslim Welfare House, founded in 1970, was originally established to assist Muslim students coming to the UK for an education. However, over the years, the focus of the charity has changed, as has its user community. The multi-purpose building acts as more than just a mosque, but as a entire community centre, emulating the function of the masjid built by the beloved Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him. It acts as a social, cultural, learning and advice centre for more than 15 nationalities, ranging from Algerians and Somalis, to Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. MWH has been a registered charity in the UK since 1975. An Executive Director assisted by six full time and three part time staff members, as well as a fleet of volunteers, manage the organisation. The Director in turn reports to a board of seven trustees. The MWH site consists of offices, two training centers, a youth center, Library and prayer rooms for both men and women, all fitted with easily accessible toilets, and designed for wheelchair user accessibility.

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