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Ayesha Mosque

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Capacity None person
Madrasah Not available
Jummah Do not spend
Jum's Time Start in
Imam None
Library Not available
Direction Not known
Parking space Available

Ayesha Mosque of Kamloops Islamic Association. Run by the Kamloops Islamic Association, this newly-opened mosque serves Muslims in the Kamloops area. We are located at 2805 Highway 5A South in Knutsford on the north side of Knutsford Knoll Modular Homes and the south of RV camp ground. Mosque is accessible 24 hours a day, main entrance is equipped with combination lock. Prayers offered include Jum’ah, Friday Salah, Maghrib, Isha, Salaat-ul-Taraweeh, Eid Salah, and is accessible in all other Salah times. Predominant ethnicity: Diverse (Saudi, Malay, Pakistani, South Africans, Bengali, Indians). Language of service: English and Arabic. Restrooms: Separate for males and females with proper wudu facility. Women's accommodation: Separate female hall. Wheelchair accessibility: Entire facility is wheelchair accessible. Parking availability: Ample, up to 100 cars. School subjects, tuition, and facilities: Sunday Islamic School, curriculum based, full-time weekday madarsah under consideration. Services offered: Free literature for non-Muslims, mini libraries separate for males and females.

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