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Babul Islam Masjid

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Capacity None person
Madrasah Not available
Jummah Do not spend
Jum's Time Start in
Imam None
Library Not available
Direction Not known
Parking space Not available

Masjid Babul Islam is among the biggest Masjids of Japan with a land area of 525 Tsubu(around 1500 Sq mt.) with two big buildings.The main Masjid Hall has a capacity of 600 persons besides other halls.Masjid is ideally located on the intersection of route 4 & route 50,nearby Oyama auction.On Saturdays a weekly Dars of Quran is held besides five times salat ,Salat ul Jumma,Salat ut Taraweeh & Salat ul Eid. Shahdah & Nikkah arrangements are done by Masjid besides Gussul e Mayah,Janazah and other community work.

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