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Canal Walk Prayer Room

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  • Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Cape Town, Western Cape
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О заведении

This prayer room is located in the well-known Canal Walk shopping centre. It is located along the corridor between Stuttiford's department store and the Mug and Bean restaurant on the lower level. Look for a service door that has a sign saying 'Muslim Salaah room' (or something like this) and go down a long corridor. The room has prayer and wuduh facilities for both men and women. This mosque was the brain child of local muslims who enjoy the Canal Walk ambience and do not wish to miss prayers. Ask the information desk if further directions are necessary. It is not known whether Juma is being held at this site. Based on a poster in the back of the room, there is talk of starting a Juma prayer. The stumbling point is the number required to constitute a Juma prayer. There are many Muslims working at Canal Walk, the problem is wether there will be enough (a certain number is required by certain mazhabs) at any given time to hold a weekly juma prayer. Until this is resolved, it is best to visit Canal Walk after Juma. The sister's section is at the back of the room and partitioned from the men's section. There is wudhu facilities for women adjacent to the men's wudhu stall, separated by a plastic curtain. There is a limited supply of head coverings for those who need it.

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