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  • T0117, Sokolinoye, Krym
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О заведении

Presumably it was built in the mid-nineteenth century. This narrow squat building made of gasprinskogo limestone. Scenic polygonal masonry (stones of irregular shape, decorative lintels above the Windows of a dense wedge of Sandstone, symmetrical facades, a large overhang of the roof and base with buttress bias - these are the distinctive features of this modest Church, typical of the time. The old tiles that covered the roof a couple of years ago, replaced with slate. Of course, this mosque has become less colorful, but its roof is more reliable. The minaret of the temple was destroyed, its remains can be distinguished in the North-West corner. The mosque is a part of the village Kokkoz called Kurtler-maale.The mosque is on the list of cultural heritage of Crimea. The decree of the Council of Ministers of Crimea from 14.12.1992 No. 261.

Мы не несем ответственности за услуги, реализуемые организациями, находящимися у нас в базе. Просьба дополнительно уточнять у лиц, предоставляющих продукцию халяль. (1948)