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Masjid Al-Rasool Al-Akram

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О заведении

This masjid performs Islamic rituals such as prayers, holds Islamic gatherings, celebrates Islamic past and present occasions, and performs religious ceremonies such as marriage, divorce and burials. The masjid also runs schools and kindergartens, lectures, conferences, publish books fairs and fliers. The masjid engages in activities that help the community and facilitate matters and wok toward maintaining stability Masjid policies are derived from the Holy Qur'an, the traditions and preachings of the prophet Mohammed (pbuh), and the guidance of Ahel-ul-Beit (Family of the Prophet Mohammad) represented by the Twelve Imams beginning with Hazrat Ali Bin Abi-Talib and ending with the observed Imam Al-Mahdi, may God hasten his return.

Мы не несем ответственности за услуги, реализуемые организациями, находящимися у нас в базе. Просьба дополнительно уточнять у лиц, предоставляющих продукцию халяль. (7412)