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This HMC halal app can save you money | HMC Rewards press release
March 21, 2018

HalalGuide have collaborated with HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee) to create and launch a mobile app to benefit Muslims all over the UK. The app is called HMC Rewards and is a comprehensive loyalty program and reward system, based off the already existing Green Bonus app - the main difference being HMC Rewards is targeted specifically at the UK. The app is readily available for iOS devices in the app store.

HMC is a committee that works with companies who are involved in the production and supply of Halal food, to independently certify all products to provide assurance to the Muslim community that all food meets the high standards of Halal. Learn more about Islamic Halal slaughter vs western stun methods here.

HMC Rewards covers a range of these HMC outlets who are registered under the scheme, including takeaways, restaurants and caterers nationwide. By being a loyal customer, users have the ability to earn up to 20% cashback, which can be used to pay towards any bill across the whole HMC Rewards network. As well as this, users will regularly get a list of amazing offers available exclusively at HMC outlets, and can keep on top of their cashback balance with HMC Rewards. They can also track their previous buys, orders and cash back rewards history. In order to earn the cashback, the app is incredibly easy to use:

- Pick the outlet you want and generate the QR code

- Present your unique QR code over the counter or to the delivery person to be scanned

- Receive your cashback

- Use cashback to either contribute towards or pay for your complete bill at your next visit to an HMC outlet

There are benefits to the outlets too, as it is a form of effortless digital marketing. They can gain new customers all over the UK, with the possibility of turning occasional customers into regulars. They are part of a flexible contract, which can be cancelled at any time and monthly detailed reports are sent to their email.

HMC Rewards is now available for free in the app store for iOS devices and will be released for Android products at the end of April 2018. HalalGuide is the leading global technology company with over 1 million users worldwide and had loyalty system running since 2015 and generated over £100k revenue for its partners. HalalGuide is the owner of HMC Rewards and manages the whole infrastructure, from technical and operational perspectives.

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