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Answers on praying during the trip and acceptance of fasting
Aug. 31, 2017

Is it possible to fast for a person, if he is not doing 5 times prayers?

from the user: *****

Noone knows whether his fast will be accepted. We can only say that it is valid if it meets the necessary conditions.In any case, prayer with fasting is not connected. Fast, even if You do not pray. Whether it is necessary to read namaz while travelling in the train (more than 5 hours)? Or, you can read them later? If you later whether this sin?

from the user: *******

Yes, it's necessary, if there is the opportunity to do so. You can't miss a Salat without a valid reason. It is a great sin. As Salamu alaikum!How do I perform the five times obligatory prayer, being in the army? Please help me to find the answer to my question.

from the user: *********

WA alaikum assalam. If possible, perform five daily prayers in the usual manner.If you pray on time does not work, then pray to Allah to grant You the opportunity. Missed prayers will reimburse later.

Answers to users ' questions was prepared by Ruslan Akhmetzhanov Hazrat, Imam of the Historical mosque of Moscow

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