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Questions about converting to Islam
Aug. 31, 2017

A Good Day! I would like to accept Islam, she is not baptized, but from an Orthodox family and am interested in the answers to some questions:

1. Whether my choice is a betrayal of my ancestors? Very often it is written that anyone who changes religion, that no faith.

2. How much is this rite?

3. And what kind of clothes should I: it is the hijab or other closed clothing?

4. And foolishly, I did 2 tattoos, because of this I am ashamed, I want to remove them, but at the moment no money for it. Tell me, do I need to remove them, before accepting Islam?

from the user: *********

Good evening! 1. There is no betrayal, or you could say that Your ancestors once betrayed paganism is the faith of their forefathers. Islam is the attainment of truth.

2. Not at all.

3. Any non-public clothes. The head and neck can be covered, for example, a scarf or shawl.

4. The presence of the body tattoos won't hurt the adoption of Islam. Hello. In my childhood I was baptized, I tried, when grown up, to understand this belief, but for me it was a lot of questions that I have not found the answers. I once read the Koran, and began to bow down to Islam (I understand that this religion is closer to me and more understandable). After reading online that the adoption of Islam need only to recite the Shahadah three times, and I did. At the moment I continue to study the Koran, to obey the commandments and consider themselves Muslim. Am I right? Of course I guess it would be better to have a mentor in this issue, but it seems to me that if you want to go to Allah and to Islam, it is not necessary to ask someone, because it comes from the heart. Prompt please, whether correctly I arrived? I'm only starting to work on sobiet user: *********Hello!Yes, You are right.But I advise You to enroll in, for example, madrasahs in any mosque. All mentor/teacher at first, You'll definitely need.

Answers to users ' questions was prepared by Ruslan Akhmetzhanov Hazrat, Imam of the Historical mosque of Moscow

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