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Committee on standard "Halal" DUM of RT recommends
Feb. 10, 2018

The Committee on the Halal Standard recommends that the following principles should be observed: 1. To pay attention to the marking of goods - the label of conformity "halal" and the name of the authorized organization should be indicated on the package.
2. Thoroughly check the composition of halal products, including those on which it says: "Muslim". "Tatar", "Made according to Muslim traditions", etc.
3. Avoid the use of questionable products, which contain substances of animal origin (fat, gelatin), alcohol.
4. If any ingredient is in doubt, search for information on the Internet or ask representatives of the Committee in the section "Your questions about Halal": http://halalrt.com/questions.
5. Print the table of ingredients with the code "E", which are recognized as "haram" or "doubtful". Download a program for food additives on your phone (tablet).
6. Pay attention to the commodity neighborhood. Halal products should not be stored with non-halal (this applies to meat products).
7. Pay attention to the method of slaughtering animals and birds (manual or mechanical). To this end, every Muslim should know about the mode of production at least in large enterprises.

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