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Al Noor Mosque

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О заведении

Annur Mosque was presented by donations from Muslims all around Japan. The main objective of the mosque is to act as a religious and cultural center for the Muslim community of Niigata. Aside from being a place for performance of daily payers (salah), Annur mosque is intended to be the embodiment of the Islamic notion of brotherhood and unity of mankind. It will foster, on one hand, the Islamic emphasis on personal intimacy, moral commitment, social cohesion, and unity inside the Muslim community. On the other hand, it will strengthen the social ties between Muslims and other communities so that Muslims will be able to leave a positive impression in the surrounding society via mirroring the glorious Islamic rules and injunctions. Annur Mosque offers a vast range of educational and social services ranging from language lessons and seminars on the history of Islam, to foreign cuisine workshops, hosting Islamic marriage ceremonies, non-profit distribution of Halal food, and others.

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