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Muslim Community of Tidewater

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О заведении

The Muslim Community of Tidewater (MCT) in Norfolk Virginia serves hundreds of families in Hampton roads, Virginia,. The idea of the community center was first conceived in September 1982. The Muslim Community Center was dedicated and occupied for use in May 1983 and has since grown to become a regionally recognized Islamic center. This mosque is used by the nearby Muslim Students Association of Old Dominion University. The MCT is official in charge of the Islamic Center of Tidewater and affairs related to the center. Some of the Major services provided by MCT are Friday Prayer in the center, Daily Ramadan Iftaar (Breakfast in the Muslim Month of Ramadan) and Taraweeh prayers in the Month of Ramadan and Eid Party. The MCT organization is community-supported and does not accept string-attached funding from special interest groups, foreign governments, or political parties. Please note that because of the not-for-profit status, all donations to MCT are tax exempt. Friday Congregation: 1:45 pm (Khutba starts at 1:15 pm).

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