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Assalam Center of Boca Raton

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О заведении

Stricly follows Quran and Sunnah. No particular school of thought, branch, sect, or madhab. The imam is from Sudan and is a professor at Florida Atlantic University. The community is made up of Sunnis, Shias, alawis and probably more. Very multicultural and welcoming. Lectures are in English and Arabic as well. Halal lunch is provided after Friday prayer for a nominal fee. Open all week for all 5 prayers. In 1994 few Muslim families started a weekend school to teach their children Islamic Studies and Arabic Language. In the beginning, the school was conducted in the homes of the participating families on a rotation bases. The number of the students grew and since 1995 the school has been conducted through classrooms at public facilities. In 1996 the Assalam Center was officially registered with the State of Florida as a non-profit organization. Alhamdulilah the Muslim Community of Boca Raton and neighboring cities continued to grow significantly. Hence, in 2000 the Assalam Center has purchased over two acres land in the heart of Boca Raton at 1499 NW 4th Avenue to build our center. Alhamdulilah, the construction was completed and the Assalam Center acquired its certificate of occupancy in the end of March 2008.

Мы не несем ответственности за услуги, реализуемые организациями, находящимися у нас в базе. Просьба дополнительно уточнять у лиц, предоставляющих продукцию халяль. (6000)