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The mosque in the village of Lyatoshinka

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  • Village Latoshinka Staropoltavskoe district
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О заведении

Village Latoshinka Staropoltavskoe region Volgograd region. From 1840 to the present 2009 in the village mainly populated by Tatars (this is the only compact accommodation of one nation in staropolska area). At the present time in Latoshinka there are about 700 people. Most of the people of Tatars. A real decoration of the village is the Mosque, built in 1905 by the Germans. Since 1905 it has acted in the building of the mosque, but in 1933 destroyed the minaret and the mosque was closed. In the early 30-ies in the village worked as a school, but the training was conducted in Arabic. After the war in 1948 Tatar school ceased to function. In 1948 at the request of parents who wrote a letter asking to open in the village school opened the school with Russian as a teaching language. Immediately came the young subject teachers, specialists. Local residents welcomed the teachers warmly and with great joy and settled them at home. The school is situated in the former building of the mosque. Generations of schoolchildren have learned here in 2 shifts until 1968. In the 90s, when there has been a revival of faith, was allowed to go to Mosque. Now this building peacefully coexist rural library, administration of rural settlement, the service LLP "Red dawn" and the Mosque itself directly.

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