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Maine Muslim Community Center

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Capacity None person
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Parking space Available

Also known as the Portland Mosque. Corner of Anderson Street and Fox Street. Grey building with red strip on the bottom of building. The Maine Muslim Community Center (MMCC) is a nonprofit organization, operated exclusively for the purposes beneficial to the interests of Maine Muslim residents. MMCC was established in 2005 in Portland, Maine. Before opening this current masjid, the need for a masjid in Maine was immense….the population was rising and many children were getting out of hand. With help of Allah and the support of our community, we’ve managed to open the masjid. Now, allhamdulillah, we are able to maintain an Islamic library, conduct Islamic guidance classes, we teach the meaning of the holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the prophet (Peace and Mercy be Upon Him), we also teach Arabic language to adults and emphasize on the memorization of the Qur’an for both children and adults. The Masjid offers Qur’an classes four days a week. 140 young students and 30 adult are enrolled. Five other educational classes are held each once a week. They include: Qur’an interpretation, Fiqh, Hadith, and weekly community development meetings. Between 300-500 attend the Friday Prayer. Recently, we have been conducting workshops, seminars, and conferences as well as training programs to spread the teaching of Islam. After a long search and long negotiations, we’ve finally made a move towards purchasing our current masjid which we’ve leased for the past two years. Purchase price is $690,000.00, paid in full within a year and a half. We’ve already paid $250,000.00 and Inshallah we are willing to pay the remaining $440,000.00 within four months. The Masjid is located in a strategic location in the downtown area in close proximity of where Muslims either live or work. We are still reaching out to many communities out there to support this cause for the sake of Allah. Inshallah, with the help of Allah and your generous donations, nothing is impossible.

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