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Masjid al Tawhid

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О заведении

The history of the Masjid goes back over 22 years ago to 1984. A small building was purchased at 34 Frances Road by the Grace of Allah through the generous donation from the nobel Shaykh Abdul-Aziz Baz (Head of Presidency of Islamic Research Ifta Dawah and Guidance Saudi Arabia). In less than 10 years the congregation out grew the building and the committee decided to look for another building. The current building at 80 High Road Leyton was found and purchased in 1991. An independent Waaf (trust) was setup to supervise the purchase and renovation of the building. The foundation stone of the new masjid was laid by the esteemed Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdullah al Subbayyl President of Affairs of the Sacred Mosques of Makkah and Madinah. The Masjid was completed in July 1997. In June 2006 the Masjid purchased the land behind the current building. This has the potential of tripling the current floor space.

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