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Noor ul-Islam Trust

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О заведении

Noor Ul Islam Trust is a registered Charity based in East London UK and was formed in 1990. We run a community centre mosque full time primary school (named AMS-UK School of the year 2010) pre-school youth club Aalimah class (female scholars) health projects and community cohesion projects to name a few. We support our local madrassas and the separate swimming sessions for men and women.The Trust works actively to overcome barriers in the community and aims to bring unity and the improvement of not just the local area and the whole country. We support those in need locally and internationally and have raised funds for groups such as NSPCC Children with Leukaemia and our local hospital Whipps Cross University Hospital. Noor Ul Islam is also a founding member of the local Faith Communities Forum.We believe the local Muslim community has a role to play in improving the quality of life for all residents and we promotes this through our projects and events. We know that this can only be done by working with others through respect and co-operation.

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