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Afghan Community Islamic Center (ACIC)

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Also known as Masjid Tawheed. ACIC is an Islamic center that is designed to serve as a focus for Muslim heritage and identity in greater San Diego by encouraging balanced social integration, peaceful coexistence and promoting community development. These elements constitute a significant challenge to Muslims in the West, particularly in USA, and it is the aim of the ACIC to help Afghan and other Muslims in the greater San Diego area rise to this challenge. In addition, the center will provide an interface for San Diego based organizations & individuals with which to understand Islam and Muslims, in order to promote integration and harmonious relations with Muslim and Muslim society at large. The Afghan Community Islamic Center Inc./Tawheed Mosque was established in 1994 and was operated from many temporary locations in San Diego, to create a center for the growing Afghan and Afghan-American population in greater San Diego. This non-profit 501(c) organization initially provided assistance to newly relocated Afghan immigrants. On August 2, 2008 this community center opened its door officially from its permanent location at San Diego, California in Serra Mesa community and its growth has allowed it to expand its services to provide religious and community services in the form of congregational prayers, education, financial assistance, cultural awareness and community outreach. ACIC promotes interfaith activities educating others about our similarities. Today ACIC serves as a central location for the dissemination of information to the Afghan and American community in the greater San Diego area. Through the hard work of many of its members and the support of local community members, ACIC is proud to be a part of Serra Mesa community.

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