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Название города происходит от наименования средневекового города, известного с начала XVI века, которое было так названо по имени реки Уфа. В «Топографии Оренбургской губернии» (1755 г.) Рычков П. И. указывает, что «О звании города Уфы можно догадываться, что оно не вновь ему придано, но паче возобновлено прежнее, и сущее то, которым нагайские ханы, исстари живучи в здешних местах, город свой именовали, ибо никакого резона не видно, чтоб городу, построенному над самой рекой Белою, коя величиною против Уфы вдвое больше, именоваться по реке Уфе, которая в реку Белую впадает с правой же стороны по течению её, версты с три выше города, где никакого городового строения нет.

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Good afternoon, imam Mursalin,I am writing to hear your opinion regarding converting (reverting) to Islam. I have been thinking about making this step for a few months, but always felt like I didn't know enough or that I would find it hard to abide by all the rules. Now when Ramadan is approaching I feel especially worried about converting, as I'm not sure I'll be able to hold the fast as every Muslim should. Could you please give me your opinion on that, particularly on how new inexperienced Muslims should approach Ramadan?Thank you,


I'm appreciate for your answer Imam Ali Omar. Let me clarify the question more deeper regarding to the Surah Al-Maeda 5. I was on relation without married before, few years ago. Now I'm in relation with Muslim. we had closed relation without marriage and now I understand that it was mistake of bith of us. The question if Am I worth that man and if I can be his wife. Can we get married? Thank you so much that giving me your attention.


Hi Imam Omar,let me ask you question.I'm Christian in relation with Muslim man. Before him I was'n married but was in relation. and he was married and now divorced.He lives in Egypt and I'm in Russia. we want to get married and stay at Egypt.Can we get married according to Islam ? best regards. Tatyana

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