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Islamic Foundation of South Florida

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О заведении

IFSF started its operations in a rented facility which was later purchased in 1991. It was soon realized that the growing needs and rapid expansion of the community would not be able to be accommodated in the 9500 sq.ft facility. A prime piece of 11.5 acres land close to the present facility became available and was purchased in 1999. The plans were developed for full campus of buildings including full time school, Masjid for over 1000 people, an auditorium, commercial building, over 200 parking spaces, outside play grounds, basketball courts and picnic area. The vision of IFSF is to continue enhancing our services for the educational, religious, and social needs of the whole Muslim community. Currently, the IFSF operates a masjid and full-time school, including Friday-evening only school for kids, weekend school, and adult education. Two full-sized soccer fields (with goals and lines) as well as volleyball court are on site. Childrens' playground is located directly behind prayer hall. Activities include full-time school related and community events.

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