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Masjid Al-Hijrah

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О заведении

In the early 1990's a group of brothers and sisterswho had recently migrated from the Caribbean, formed themselves into a Jammat to maintain the customs and practices they were used to back at home. They had a dream of a community conducting Islamic activities, prayer in congregation, Islamic classes, functions and other family events. This also included reaching out and extending hospitality and acceptance to all. Initially this group met at members' residences, then moved to a shed, next to a rental property and eventually they were blessed with the purchase of the current facility. The membership grew leading to the incorporation of the organization in January 1992 under the name of the Caribbean American Islamic Association Inc. (C.A.I.A.). The current facility d.b.a Masjid Al-Hijrah was purchased on January 10th 2000.

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