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Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. The city is located on the left Bank of the Volga river in the confluence of the Volga river in the river Kazanka. Kazan is one of the largest educational, cultural, and economic centers of the country. The city is also a major river port. The population of Kazan is one million two hundred thousand people. The city was founded by the Volga Bulgars. Kazan is a thousand-year history. From the thirteenth to the fourteenth century, Kazan was part of the Golden Horde. In one thousand five hundred fifty-second year the city was taken by the Russian troops led by Ivan the Terrible, and is part of the Russian state.

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Kazan is fraught with many architectural and engineering monuments. We will tell you about them simply and clearly.The project "Kazan the eyes of an engineer" is.About Zakabannaya, Apanaev, Marjani, Nurullah, Burnaevskaya, Galeev, Azimov's, classical, Baroque, Gothic, eclecticism, Kaftyreva, Romaniv, Khorezm, and Bulgar Hermitage

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