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Mosque "Islam"

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Imam of the mosque - Нияз;Хазрат;
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  • Kazan, street Vyazemskaya, 28
Capacity 0 person
Madrasah Not available
Jummah Do not spend
Jum's Time Start in
I have Нияз;Хазрат;
Library Not available
Direction Not known
Parking space Not available
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2017 Jan 15 21:00
Элхэмдулиллэх. Очень хорошая мечеть. Да нет порковки, но место всегда можно найти даже в рамазане но зато есть пандуси.

Sunday school lessons for men on Fri and Saturday. Sells books at maketimesoft "Islam" was built in 1996 by architect R. N. Bilyalova. Refers to the type of two-hall of the mosque with a minaret on the roof. Single storey with ground floor “H”-shaped in plan the building. In the southern part placed the main prayer hall, which is connected through a narrower second hall with a hall, which occupies the Northern part of the building.On the lower ground floor bathrooms, room for washing, training and premises. In the center of the roof increases the tetrahedral bunk minaret on a low base. Around a more narrow second layer is arranged in an octagonal balcony azanchi. Spread, well-lit volume mosque contrasts with the dull minaret. Modern Muslim worship with common premises.August 15, 2011 mufti Ildus Faizov and employees of Tatarstan took part in the iftar organized in mosques "Islam". Ildus Hazrat became acquainted with the work of the mosque, delivered a sermon to the congregation about the meaning of Eid ul and wished fasting strength and patience in this important Charitable cause.

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