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The Mosque "Nury"

3 reviews
Imam of the mosque - Мухлисов Алмаз Хазрат
Ask the Imam
  • PR amirkhana, 3к2, Kazan
Capacity 350 person
Madrasah Available
Jummah Conducted
Jum's Time Start in 12:00
Imam Мухлисов Алмаз Хазрат
Library Available
Direction Sunni
Parking space Available
2017 Dec 30 09:38
Очень вкусная еда.
2017 Jan 15 21:00
Илназ Маннапов
иң яхшы мәчет, монда бик еш булганым бар)
2017 Jan 15 21:00
Очень хороший мечеть. И медресе которое находиться рядом.

In the mosque are held nikahi and naming, and tangierino lectures before the Zuhr prayer every Sunday at 18 h lectures on the History of the prophets. For women every Thursday at 18 hours learning prayers, learning Arabic, reading the Koran.In the mosque built Janaza Khan.In madrasas groups are:1) learning the basics of the Islamic religion and the Arabic language for children 2) learning the basics of Islam and Arabic языка3) For teaching the Holy Корану4) training of Arab языку5) In training tajvidi (mahraja)6) study of old-Tatar Yazikov café at the mosque are conducted nikahi, banquets, anniversaries.

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