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10 tips for those who want to find marital happiness
Nov. 22, 2017

Married reach happiness the couple, who can say "we"🌸Marriages are like living organisms, require food, care. Without harassment, without seeking to rule the house to live.🌺 CHERISH THE SPOUSE. It should take in your life first and foremost place, let him feel it by their attitude. Your "second half" will appreciate it. Conversely, if one of the spouses will understand that nothing stands in the eyes of another, you will nitpick everything. As a result, this can lead to family problems and conflicts.🌺 OUT OF THE WAY "I" GO THE WAY "WE". Selfishness undermines family well-being, will sink the ship of happiness. Forced to agree with his righteousness will lead to marriage discord. The family is getting from "me" to "we." And this period is great. But if someone decides to whatever was to stand your ground, you will not achieve happiness in marriage.🌺 DON'T PUT YOURSELF IN THE PLACE OF THE COMMANDER. You should not see the partner of a soldier who only does that he obey orders. You not above and not below husband you of anything, you are members of the same team.🌺 DO NOT BLOCK THE FEELINGS OF YOUR PARTNER. Let feelings and even anger of your spouse freely spill. Do not keep emotions inside. Remember that pressure cooker without access of air explodes. If the crust does not gradually go fault lines, an earthquake happens.🌺 CLOSE YOUR EYES TO THE SHORTCOMINGS. Don't force your spouse to fulfill all your desires and indulge you. Robots break down, too, and computers can catch a virus.🌺 DON'T LISTEN TO ONLY YOU. Respect the opinion of the partner. Stop thinking this way: "In this house should be so, as I say. Because I don't make mistakes".Raise the bar of conscience. Do not insist on the implementation of its queries. Thinking only about their own happiness, not recognizing the right to life of the opposite side, you're rocking the family boat. Do not forget that each and every dishonest behavior has a place in the justice of God.🌺 DON'T BLAME THE PARTNER. Instead of saying "What have you done now? Because of you I could not get out of trouble", it is better to ask concerns of the spouse. Just say, "Let's solve them together. Your problems are my problems".🌺 DON'T BREAK THE HEART OF PARTNER FAMILIES. You should not blame the wife's coldness to your parents, brothers and sisters. This behavior may exacerbate the hostility to you and your family. Instead of sowing seeds of discord between you, build bridges of love. For this to give a feel for your partner that you love him more than anyone.🌺 CLOSE THE BOOK OF THE PAST. Don't concentrate on the negative aspects of the past. Place your order in your heart and throw away the rubbish. Like rotting vegetables pollute the air in your home and bad memories of the past contaminate the atmosphere of happiness.🌿🍃💗

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